LISZT PRIZE for performer-composers

Bellagio (Italy) – October 20/22, 2017

Deadline: October 10, 2017







Art.1 In the context of the Festival of Bellagio and Lake Como, there will be a competition for performer-composers dedicated to Ferenc Liszt, 20-22 October 2017.

Art.2 The competition is open to musicians of any nationality and any age. Participation in the contest is free.

Art.3 Candidates must play a selection of own compositions. The works can be performed for the first time, or already have been performed in the past; they may be published or unpublished. All music performed must be original, creative work exclusively by the competitor.

Art.4 Strict adherence to time limits must be observed: First Round, 10 Minute – Final Round, 20 Minute. Pieces may be played twice in the Competition.

Art. 5 Only a piano will be available for candidates. Candidates are required to supply all other instruments (percussion, harp, etc.) useful for their performances without any expense for the organization. Participants, if necessary, will have to use their own piano accompanist. The use of electronic is not allowed.

Art. 6 The rehearsals timetable will be available from October 2017 onwards. Candidates will receive an email with all the information on how to reach the venue of the competition. Candidates will have the opportunity to test the room acoustics and the piano on which they will have to perform the day of the competition before the auditions begin. The candidates absent at the time of the call will be excluded from the competition, unless the delay is justified by valid reasons. In that case, they will be heard at the end of the executions of all other candidates. All performances will be open to the public. All candidates must have a document attesting their identities or valid passport.

Art. 7 The jury committee will be made up of well-known musicians. In case of a didactic or family relationship between a candidate and a member of the Commission, such Jury member must disclose the relationships and abstain from voting.

Jury 2017: M° Alessandro Solbiati (Chairman, composer), M° Andrea Talmelli (composer), M° Alessandro Calcagnile (pianist and conductor), M° Rossella Spinosa (pianist and composer).

Art.8 The Jury will choose the winner of the LISZT Prize for performer-composers from among the finalists, who will be awarded: 1.- a paid concert in the XIV edition of the Festival 5 Giornate (18-22 March 2018); 2.-  publishing of his own pieces by Sconfinarte Editions.

Art.9 Participants’ travel and accommodations are at their own expense.

Art.10 Registration forms must be sent by email to before 10 October 2017, no later. Any applications which might be received after the deadline may be accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director. Applications must contain the following documents pdf format:

–    registration form, which can be downloaded online (

–    copy of a document attesting to participant’s identity or valid passport

–    short bio and picture.

Art.11 If necessary, the organizers of the Competition reserve the right to make changes to the present rules or cancel the Competition.

Art.12 The organizers will assume no responsibility for damage to persons or things during the Competition.

Art.13 Candidates may not claim any rights on any audio and/or video recordings made during the Final Concert. Likewise, audio and/or video recordings not authorized by the Artistic Director of the Competition are prohibited.

Art.14 In accordance with art. 10 of law n. 675/96 on the protection of personal data, all data provided during registration will be used exclusively for the purposes of sending information related to the Competition, excluding uses of any other kind.

Art.15 Registration for the competition foresees unconditioned acceptance of the present rules. The results of the competition are irrevocable. All disputes shall be submitted to the Court of Milan.